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Svarfdӕla saga is a sweeping debut story set in Medieval Iceland, Denmark and Norway. It is the search for survival when loyalty is met with treachery and deceit. Svarfdӕla saga— based on the Icelandic medieval saga, The People of Svarfdӕla, or the Unruly Valley, begins as two unbending rivals compete for power for a prominent valley in the north of Iceland, and the beautiful aristocratic woman who stands between them.


Yngvild is young, intelligent, and beautiful. An aristocrat by birth, she is devoted to her family and to the people of her valley. She embarks on her journey early in life as she struggles with being a woman in the politically dangerous medieval world of men.

Ljótólf the goði

Ljótólf the goði, and his family governed the valley of Svarfdӕla for generations. Considered a temperate man, he maintains a style of leadership that many view as cowardly. Seemingly out of step with the traditionally turbulent customs of the age, his purpose in life is destined by his steely determination.


Karl came to Iceland with his father Thorstein in hopes of carving a domain out of a hard world that changes fast and furiously. Headstrong, dangerous and impulsive, he is proud of his violent and unruly upbringing, believing the best way to win is through force.
—As these three merge and move toward fate, their lives are caught headlong in some of the more volatile years of their country, forcing them into a new understanding of their world and their place in it.