Rímur is a style of musical chant dating back to the Viking Age of Iceland. This unusual and beautiful form of epic song is rooted in narrative poetry.  It can address subject as diverse as tales of ancient warriors, life’s lessons, songs to the sea, and how to buy a horse.  Although in its original performance setting, a rímur cycle could last hours, on this recording we present “chapter” from famous rímur chants as performed by the greatest modern practitioner of rímur, Steindór Andersen.  Enjoy a complete overview of this often neglected genre, which serves as the musical foundation for the beautiful sounds of Iceland.

From the CD —
Rímur: a collection from Steindór Andersen.

Steindór Andersen – Hugann Seiða Svalli Fra (with Sigur Rós)

Sigur Rós & Steindór Andersen (A Ferd Til Breidafjardar 1922) Rímur


Fjöll í austri fagurblá (Sigur Rós feat. Steindór Andersen)

Steindór Andersen & Sigur Rós – Odin’s Raven Magic (live)

Minn Heima – Rimur